My Experience at La Sagrada Familia

As our taxi approached, my beautiful brown eyes caught a glimpse of the alluring and decorative building through the window. I stepped out of the cab and exclaimed, “Wow!” That was all I could utter. I truly wanted to say more, I wanted to be much more poetic with my words but my jaw literally dropped to the floor as soon as I opened my mouth. I had to make a pitstop at the local pharmacy to aid the ailment.

I looked all over for a pill to make my jaw return to its original position, finally the cashier came to my rescue. He informed me that all I needed to do was just close my mouth, I listened, he was correct.


We began walking towards the Sagrada Familia and I was captivated by its brilliance. I could feel its magnetism and radiant aura, as it pulled me and several other thousand people to it. I couldn’t help but feel connected to something divine as I stood there in admiration. Even if one is not the spiritual or religious type, they will marvel at its beauty. I thought I understood beauty when I first saw Jessica Alba appear on my television screen, but this church elevates beauty to a whole new level. (This is not a critique on Jessica Alba at all. She is beyond beautiful and goddess-like. Jessica, if you are reading this, I love you. Also, I bought a ring pop for you just in case you decide to divorce your husband and marry your soul mate, aka me).


As I stepped inside the church I felt as if I just entered an enchanted forest. It contained angels, singing birds, and of course Tinker Bell. I began to sing with the birds as if I was Snow White. A security guard approached me and told me I can’t sing. I replied that I can, because Adam Levine told me that he would turn his chair for me if I sang to him, therefore my singing must be pleasing to the ears. He left me alone after that.


I began to inspect my surroundings. I perused the arches, the pillars, the stained glass windows, all was so magnificent that I was nearly brought to tears. I quickly grabbed an onion and my pocket knife, and proceeded to cut the onion, just in case I needed an excuse for why I was crying.


I turned my eyes to the heavens and light began to shine down on me through the apertures in the ceiling. I stared into the light, basking in its radiance. I didn’t stare too long though, because my eyes began to ache for I was not wearing appropriate eyewear. The security guard told me that I could not wear sunglasses inside, he said I wasn’t cool enough to do that. I agreed.


I sat down inside the church and revelled in its grandeur. I began to feel a transformation taking place within me. My senses were heightened to new levels, I smelt colors, I saw sounds. Everywhere I looked I could not help but relish in the splendor. There is a powerful mystique about the church that one cannot help but experience.  


I walked outside the church to regain a normal state of being before I floated away on a zen cloud. I examined all the minute details of structure. The building is so meticulously designed that no matter where your eyes settle, you will be in awe of the craftsmanship. One can survey the building for hours and still find something new to the eyes, that was originally unseen.


After a few hours of the extraordinary visit, I snapped a few more photos and stepped off the premises.


The experience left me feeling connected with oneness. I later added La Sagrada Familia as a friend on all my social media accounts so that we could always stay connected. P.S. La Sagrada Familia sends the best memes!


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