Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil Full Detailed Review by Maccabee Huxley


March 3, 2018


I have always heard wonderful things about a Cirque Du Soleil show. I have planned numerous times on seeing a show every time I visit Vegas. Unfortunately, those aspirations quickly dissolve as soon as I lay my beautiful, brown eyes on those ticket prices...$ fees! "Damn Daniel!" Those are some high prices. So instead of spending the money on the ticket, I end up just wasting it at an overcrowded club, where I fight off epileptic seizures caused by strobe lights, and sweat to the point where I get so severely dehydrated, that I am forced to spend $15 on a 4 ounce bottle of water....and just because it is Fiji Water does not make it any better...Anyways, when I read that it was in Orange County and it was only $90 for a ticket, I had to go!

*Disclaimer: Generally, I would have smoked massive amounts of weed so that the show would be even more trippy and beautiful, but I really wanted to remember the show. So I actually stayed sober..... but don't worry, staying sober actually turned out to not be as depressing or as lame as you may think....*

Journey to Find the Venue

As I embarked on my journey to the show, I parked about 1,000 miles away...just so I can make Vanessa Carlton proud and inform her that I walked a thousand miles for someone...or in this case, something (the show).

*P.S. (Another reason I was glad I was sober, because if I was high, there would be no chance I would have made it to the show..... I would have wandered around lost in the parking lot).*

After miles of walking through barren parking lots in the rain and cold.... I saw the light!!!! "Hallelujah!" I screamed, as I ran towards the large, white, circus tent. The child-side of me couldn't help but be so ecstatic and enthused. I walked at a swift pace toward the entry and quickly made my way into the lobby of the Luzia circus tent.

The Lobby

So as you can see from these photographs pictured above, the OC Fair was incredibly resourceful and saved large amounts of money on decorations. As you may notice, they just borrowed the same decorations that were already used to showcase the Disney Animated Film "Coco," from the movie theatre down the street. The adornments made for a picturesque, social media worthy photo. Either with your family, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your date, or like me, a photo just with yourself........yay.....I promise that I'm not lonely....just please stop asking when I will get a girlfriend Grandma.

*Also, P.S...the popcorn was $12...with unlimited free refills!!! Let's go!*

Yours truly.....that is a genuine smile. I swear!!

Yours truly.....that is a genuine smile. I swear!!

The Seating and Stage

Even though the best seats in the house are always in the center, this venue is relatively small. Meaning, that every seat in the place has a great view! Another positive aspect about this show is that, not only do the performers do an amazing job of performing for each side of the crowd, but the stage rotates! So rest assured, no matter where you sit, you will be able to witness every angle of the performance. 

Stage and Seating at Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil in Costa Mesa, CA.

Stage and Seating at Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil in Costa Mesa, CA.

Pre-Show Entertainment

While audience members poured in attempting to find their seats, the pre-show entertainment began. The stage was embellished with beautiful, bright orange flowers, neatly arranged in a crop circle, alien-like pattern.  As the lights began to dim, women dressed as hummingbirds appeared. They began running up and down the stage, making their way around the man-made garden. Soon after, little Wall-E Robots wearing watering cans for hats, popped up and began dancing while playing maracas!!! Fammmmmmmm, I knew I was about to be in for a trippy-ass show!!

Opening Scene

The show begins with a bald clown falling out of a plane and has nothing but a backpack to hold onto.  He makes humorous facial expressions that evoke laughter from the audience, especially this little girl seated behind me. She was so cute and her uncontrollable laughter made me, and those around me, smile. Anyways, the clown finds a way to survive (not going to spoil how he survives). He then spots a key in the ground, and decides to turn that shit all the way up!...Next thing you know, the party gets real crunk and the key opens up a Mexican type of pandora's box. The clown is transported into a world that is magical, surreal and dreamlike. It is like he is Alice, and he just entered his own version of Wonderland.

This clown just opened up a whole new world.....Aladdin where you at?!

This clown just opened up a whole new world.....Aladdin where you at?!


Act 1

The first act consisted of Ramses from Nacho Libre, acting as a luchador ring leader who literally was the leader of rings (maybe hula hoops). He had his posse of human type bird hybrids jumping through hoops for him, literally....they were jumping through hoops! If this show was a full course meal, this would have been a pleasing appetizer. It was enjoyable and engaging, but left you wanting more. Also, just want to give props to one of human bird hybrids that knocked over the ring on one of his jumps. He showed great composure by taking a breath and nailing his 2nd jump. Awesome job not letting that first mistake effect you.

Ramses The Great Luchador Wrestler getting an up & close personal view of The Bird Human Hybrids.

Ramses The Great Luchador Wrestler getting an up & close personal view of The Bird Human Hybrids.

Act 2

The second act was gnarly! It began with a man, with the head of a crocodile, playing the guitar like if he was Carlos Santana himself!! Following closely behind the crocodile human hybrid, was something from was a 4 feet, 100 pound...cockroach!!!! I was screaming to the staff to grab some Raid!!!...

The act then had 3 men and 1 woman walk out together. They stood there for a second or two, building anticipation as the crowd began to grow anxious, awaiting to see what they were possibly about to do. I was praying and hoping that this wasn't any sort of weird on stage gang-bang performing sex art show kind of thing. Luckily for me it wasn't....others may have been disappointed, I'm not sure, I can't speak for them. Anyways, the men begin to toss her around like a football!!! At one point, they were using her as a human jump rope!! I have never seen such intense double dutching since the day I chaperoned at Palmyra Elementary School!! This woman was so insane!!! The strength, the control and the balance she possessed was of something like a top olympic athlete. Each time she was tossed, she somehow managed to execute 720's and various flips in that short period of time of being in the air. She was acting like she was a character in the video game, "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" in which gravity does not exist!!! I am telling you all, you are in a treat with this act!


 Act 3

Act 3 was beautiful. It had two women, one aerial performer, and one ring performer. Both did a fantastic job, and their act blended so perfectly together with the musical score. It blended even better than the way peanut butter blends with Nutella. Also, just when I thought the act was done, water rains down from the ceiling and a waterfall forms. Fam!!! It was so majestic!!! I was in awe and enchanted by the beauty and sounds of this performance. Almost had me moved to tears!

Clown Interlude

There were a lot of clown interludes in between acts to keep the crowd entertained as they prepared the stage for the next act, but I just want to speak/rant a little on this one because I am still so salty about it!!! This clown came out with a beach ball and a whistle and blew the whistle like if his name was TOO SHORT! He blew the whistle for at least 5 minutes straight. There are 3 sides of the crowd, we were on the right side, and for some odd reason the center and left side kept cheering for him. Since our side was not cheering, he began to trash our side!! He kept waving us off and looking at us in such great disgust. Clown!!! Do you expect us to cheer for you when all you are doing is imitating the world's most hated individuals....a referee! At one point an audience member saluted him, like if he was an officer of the army. I thought I was being trolled!!! I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out and say I was Punk'd! If he blew the whistle in my face, the only type of salute I would have gave him would have been the one-finger salute!!! 

I had to ask for help from all my snap friends. BTW if you like to add me, my snap is @f.yslas

I had to ask for help from all my snap friends. BTW if you like to add me, my snap is @f.yslas

Act 4

Act 4 was the sequel to the film Baywatch. A super-jacked dude performed great feats of strength while numerous lifeguards cheered him on. He added a risk factor by performing these strength and balancing acts high up in the air. After seeing the results he got from this workout, I canceled my gym membership and Amazon Primed some balancing sticks. Got me a new workout plan! Holla!

Act 5

Act 5 consisted of two soccer ball jugglers, one male and one female. They pulled off thee impossible. They pulled off the one thing that America has been unable to do, ever since the sport has been introduced to the country. That thing is....they managed to make soccer entertaining!

Soccer jugglers at Luzia in Costa Mesa, CA

Soccer jugglers at Luzia in Costa Mesa, CA

Act 6

Act 6 was the closing act before the 25 minute intermission. The act brought out all the performers and had them walking around in a circle. As they made their way around the stage, a red, papel picado slowly descended to the stage floor. The papel picado gracefully lowered to the sounds of enchanting music. It was all very mesmerizing.

A papel picado at Luzia in Costa Mesa, CA with a bunch of trippy ass, animal, human hybrids surrounding it.

A papel picado at Luzia in Costa Mesa, CA with a bunch of trippy ass, animal, human hybrids surrounding it.

Act 7

Act 7 was the opening act after the intermission. It had various characters adorned in decorative costumes, performing on poles to the beat of the music. I turned my head to the left and saw, boxing legend, Floyd "Money" Mayweather there in the flesh!! Turns out, that Floyd Mayweather was at the show that night recruiting for his strip club "Girl Collection."

Pole dancers at Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil in Costa Mesa, CA. Look closely and you may see Floyd Mayweather in the front with a wad of cash.

Pole dancers at Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil in Costa Mesa, CA. Look closely and you may see Floyd Mayweather in the front with a wad of cash.

Act 8

Act 8 started off with a jaguar stalking the stage. He moved at a slow and entrancing pace. As he roamed the stage, the papel picado began to rise. Vines fell from the sky and behold, Tarzan appeared!!! The women in the audience immediately became all googly-eyed and enthralled by him and his alluring performance. 

Act 9

Act 9 had a juggler juggling pins. This man was an absolute maestro with those pins!!! He would lift his arm upwards towards the ceiling, and a pin would drop from the sky. He proceeded to do a no-look, one-handed catch, like if his name was Odell Beckham Jr!!!....And once he had his grip on those pins, he went to town!!! It's like the pins were part of his hands! I started calling him Edward Pinhands! The man was in a full out sprint, running up and down the aisles of the stadium, weaving through the crowd, juggling pins like a madman! If you have ever seen the film, "Anchorman," and can recall the scene where Ron Burgundy plays the Jazz Flute all over the club, including in the bathroom...Then you will be able to get a good idea of what this man was doing. Imagine that scene, but instead of a jazz flute, it was juggling pins!! Oh and B.T.W. while he was performing, there were crocodile human hybrids playing xylophones in the back!

Act 10

Act 10 came out and smacked the audience in the face with a Mike Tyson Uppercut. They brought out their contortionist and he was one of the best I've ever witnessed live...and for some odd reason, I have seen many contortionists live...but that's a topic I will save for later. Anyways, words can't truly describe his performance. Instead, the audience and I said enough with our facial expressions and sound effects....In conclusion, I'm convinced the man is a jellyfish, and has no bones. Those ribs were painted on. I'm not fooled, shiiiieeeeetttt!!!....

Interlude With The Clown

There was another interlude with the clown before the final act. This time the clown paired up with Scuba Steve from Adam Sandler's 1999 classic film, "Big Daddy." The two encountered two cactus human hybrids and nearly fell victim to Jaws. The two managed to escape, thanks to Nemo telling the shark that they were friends and not food. I shouted, "Please eat the clown!!".... but to no avail. 

Scuba Steve with the Clown at Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil in Costa Mesa, CA.

Scuba Steve with the Clown at Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil in Costa Mesa, CA.

Act 11

The final performing act was marvelous. It consisted of two seesaw like platforms, each controlled by an individual. They controlled the platforms by shifting their weight back and forth. Other performers would step on these platforms and proceed to move back and forth with the controller, building great momentum and speed. Once they felt as if they had the right amount of momentum, they would proceed to launch off the platform and begin to do gymnastic like flips in the air, then somehow land gracefully on the opposite platform. It was very impressive, and had the audience captivated and in complete awe of the performers' talents. It was a great way to cap off the performance part of the show. 

A unique, acrobatic performance at Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil in Costa Mesa, CA.

A unique, acrobatic performance at Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil in Costa Mesa, CA.

Act 12

Act 12 was the closing act. The clown turns the key once more and all the performers do the "Mannequin Challenge." The clown then gets to return home, back to the real world. 

The Luzia Mannequin Challenge. They are bringing it back!

The Luzia Mannequin Challenge. They are bringing it back!


  • Cost - $90

  • Showtime - 2hrs and 5 minutes

  • Acts - 10 acts

  • Customer Service - 5 out of 5. The staff was extremely friendly. 

  • Seating - 5 out of 5. Every seat had a great view, not a bad seat in the house.

  • Ambience - 4 out of 5. I admired the decorations but it was not anything to the level of Disneyland, where their scenery and decorations transport you into a different world. 

  • Food - 4 out of 5. They had a bar, and normal concessions. The popcorn was $12 with free refills and it tasted great. They also have a $24 deal for a large popcorn, a large drink and 2 bags of candy.

  • Ease of Entry & Exit - It was very easy to get into the venue and to leave the venue. I am not sure about the ease of parking because I parked all the way in OCC's parking lot. I wouldn't recommend that, unless you don't mind the exercise. 

  • Performers - 5 out of 5. All the acts were fantastic and so captivating. It had me on the edge of my seat with my mouth open in awe. While my mouth was open a fly flew into it, and I had to get the heimlich in order to cough it out, so that was unpleasant, but that's beside the point.

  • Value - The show was extremely well done, and I believe it is definitely worth the money. So if you are wondering about going, or if you are on the fence about it, I would highly suggest you buy the tickets now and go see it. I promise that you will not be disappointed. It truly is a great experience and a sight to behold. 

Author - Maccabee Huxley