My Desk by Mac Huxley


My Desk by Maccabee Huxley

The desk is made of some of the finest stone this side of the world, carved to perfection. Sliced and diced like a kitchen knife, BAM! Emeril would throw pepper on my desk it is so sizzling. Nicknamed Fajita plate. Damn it is so dang spicy. Thing looks like J-LO kind of spicy. The desk is the most beautiful shades of grey. 50 Shades of Grey cannot compete with its sensuality. The stones so smooth, butter would be jealous. Oh yes, this desk was something made for a King. Stoic, not overly eccentric, built for functionality. It is a sturdy, powerful and conservative beauty. The kind of beauty where the craftsmanship is just perfect, not overly glamorous. Ah yes, this is the kind of desk that is timeless. It is considered great all around the world for it does not feed to one appeal. No, this desk appeals to the masses. For all can love and appreciate true beauty, which is my desk.