Tale of a Super Fat Cat by Mac Huxley


Tale of a Super Fat Cat by Maccabee Huxley

Stumpy the fat cat was no ordinary cat, no, this cat here Stumpy was fat, gigantic, a round blob of the some of the finest lard this side of the Mississippi covered in hair. Stumpy enjoyed various types of cuisines. Mediterranean, Indian, Japanese, American, it did not matter to Stumpy, if it tasted delicious, he was for sure going to be indulging in it.

Stumpy was a professional at Amazon Fresh. He would lay on the couch watching reruns of Roseanne and would go on his iPhone to the Amazon app and order some food from Amazon Fresh. Once he got the food, he would sit on the couch and watch a whole Netflix series eating whatever was on his plate, even the fork! His eyes were glued to the screen, making him completely unaware of what he was eating.

The only time he would see what he was eating was before his meal, when he needed to take a photo of his meal to share the photo with all of his online friends and followers. Stumpy felt that all of them needed to know what he was about to eat. His existence was dependent upon others noticing him and seeing his life. Stumpy believed that if there was no one paying attention to him he would cease to exist. His identity was solely dependent on how his online friends perceived him.

He continued to eat more and more to try to get bigger and bigger hoping that one day he would be so big, that others would have to finally notice him. He then got diabetes, then a clogged artery and then had a heart attack. Stumpy died, but still managed to post one last photo of his food on his Instagram with the hashtag #toDieFor.

The End