The Tale of Julio by Mac Huxley


The Tale of Julio by Maccabee Huxley

Julio was a wise man, a man who was so wise that he wore round spectacles and a merlin hat. He possessed a prestigious beard and even carried around a magic pen that never ran out of ink. Some say the magic pen never ran out of ink because it never left its residence, which was the pocket of his shirt. He wore tweed jackets and would often say the two words, "I see," in response to others. He also had the habit of correcting and lecturing to others even if they did not invite the lecture. This allowed him to appear even more wise.

Finally the day Julio had always dreamed of occurred. The government of Espana came to Julio and said, "Julio we need you and your wise, magnificent brain."

Julio in a state of euphoria, rushed home to notify his wife of the marvelous news. She responded by saying, "Wow honey. That is great. Now do you want empanadas or arroz for supper?"

He said, "I'll take both, with a glass of Merlot and bring out the fine chinaware tonight honey because we are celebrating."

The following day Julio arrived at the government's office and they introduced him to an alien. The alien's name was Fred. Fred said, "Greetings Julio"

Julio frightened said, "Ah...ah....alien!!!!!" and dashed away in the other direction.

Fred stood there aggrieved and said, "Well that's rude."

The End

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