The Blind Octopus by Mac Huxley


The Blind Octopus by Maccabee Huxley

There once was a blind octopus who lived in the ocean, his name was Billy. Billy liked a lot of things, a whole variety of things, but his favorite thing was a gyro. Especially a lamb gyro, but the problem was lambs lived on land not in the ocean. Therefore Billy rarely got a chance to indulge in these delicious and delectable beauties....unless by some miracle a lamb sunk to the bottom of the ocean or another sea creature happened to be eating a lamb gyro and was kind enough to share with Billy.

One day a man on a boat threw his lamb gyro overboard since he was too full to finish the rest of it. Billy caught whiff of the gyro and swam swiftly to the surface to snatch it. He said to the human, "You sir, do you happen to have anymore lamb gyros? I sure do love these."

The human who was very opportunistic and wise, thought of an idea. He said, "Hello octopus, wait right here let me grab my lawyer."

The human had his lawyer draw up a trade agreement with the octopus. The agreement stated that the humans would be able to dump all their waste into Billy The Octopus's ocean, just as long as they dumped lamb gyros down as well.

Billy was so psyched for lamb gyros that he signed the agreement.

This trade agreement pleased both the blind octopus and the human. This became known as the OOHTA or better known as the Ocean Octopus and Human Trade Agreement.

The End

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