The Bony King by Mac Huxley


The Bony King by Maccabee Huxley

There once lived a king called The Bony King, he got the name because he was bone skinny and was the king. He wore a crown all the time. Even when he showered and slept. He loved chicken bones, he said "Yum, these are tasty...I sure love chicken bones." He always ordered his servants to fetch him chicken bones. He then bought a plethora of chickens so he could have their bones. He lived off chicken bones.

The doctor of The Bony King said, "Dear Mr. Bony King Sir, I strongly advise you to add some variety to your diet sir, maybe some greens...even a multivitamin will do. A chicken bone just does not have enough nutritional value to survive."

The Bony King said, "Fake news. Web M.D. said I would be fine, and the user CUM_ON_TITS69 on the website Reddit said in a thread that chicken bones are the best thing a person could eat, especially a king!"

The Doctor gave up on trying to convince the king and said, "Well, do as you wish King."

The King proceeded to eat chicken bones, he even opened up three successful Bony King Franchise Fast Food restaurants until the day of his doom. One day he was enjoying his chicken bones while watching his favorite Netflix show, Orange is the New Black, and began to choke on a chicken bone and died.

The Doctor spoke at his funeral saying, "I warned him, he didn't listen."

Then all of a sudden The Bony King awoke from his dead slumber and vehemently shouted, "I choked on a bone! I didn't die of malnutrition, get your facts right Doc! Fake News!" Then he proceeded to die again.

Then three years passed. One full moon night while Mars was in retrograde, 3 shooting stars fell to the Earth along with a graceful meteor shower. Rocks from space fell on the cold soil of the cemetery and on the tomb of The Bony King. The Bony King stuck his skeleton-bone hand out from underneath the soil of the Earth and arose a king....made out of bones!

"Long Live The Bony King!!!!!" The Bony King exclaimed. "You sir!" The Bony King pointed at the groundskeeper. "Fetch me a chicken bone why don't you? Being dead really does work up an appetite."

The End.

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