The Evil Lizard by Mac Huxley


The Evil Lizard by Maccabee Huxley

There once lived an evil lizard. He was so evil that he had a twirly black moustache that he would twirl with his scaly fingers whenever he thought of a deviously vile plan. He was so evil that even Satan himself said, "Whoooooaaaaa calm down dude."

The evil lizard once went into an office and purposely paper jammed the company's printer.

The evil lizard once farted in a kitten's face.

The evil lizard once went to McDonald's and asked for a free water cup and then proceeded to fill it up with soda instead.

The evil lizard went to a wedding once and wiped a booger on the wedding cake.

The evil lizard once saw a pretty flower blooming, so he stepped on it and laughed, "Muahahahaha." *twirling his moustache while laughing wickedly.*

The evil lizard once stuck gum in a little girl's hair.

The evil lizard once taped a "kick me" sign to the back of an elderly gentleman.

The evil lizard once played the card game "Go fish" with another lizard and cheated.

The evil lizard once went to TJ Maxx and went to the shoe section. He then grabbed two boxes of the same shoe, one was a Size US Men's 9 and the other a Size US Men's 11. He then mixed the two shoes up. He then organized the two boxes so that each box contained: one size 9 shoe, and one size 11 shoe. After he finished the foul deed, he laughed some more! Gosh so evil!

The evil lizard once went to a local movie theatre that was showing the new Star Wars film. He saw individuals standing in line waiting to watch, so he grabbed an intercom speaker & proceeded to announce all the spoilers of the film to the crowd and also informed them on how the film ends.

The evil lizard once gave a paper cut to a puppy.

The evil lizard once went over to a friend's home for a dinner party and proceeded to clog the friend's toilet by taking a massive shit and then using a ludicrous amount of toilet paper to ensure the toilet would be a headache to unclog.

The evil lizard once ate garlic fries with onions drizzled in a tahini sauce, and then burped in a woman's face.

The evil lizard once had a great conversation with an Uber driver and then gave the driver a 1-star rating.

The evil lizard once watched a heartwarming video on YouTube and disliked it.


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