The Hotel Maid by Mac Huxley


The Hotel Maid by Maccabee Huxley

There once lived a hotel maid, she cleaned hotels. She enjoyed cleaning up messes. If there was a mess, you better be sure she was beyond excited to clean it. One day she went into a guest's room and it was spotless, she was absolutely perplexed, for this was new to her. She discovered a note left on the bed, that read, "I wanted to give you a break from always having to clean up someone else's mess."

In reading this, the maid fell into an absolute rage. For this rude and thoughtless guest prevented her from doing the thing she enjoyed most. The fury that sprouted in her, transformed her into a beast! She grew horns, wings, even webbed feet. Her skin turned red, and boiling hot. She had a temperature of 200 degrees fahrenheit. You could flash cook an egg on her! She breathed fire and destroyed everything in the room.

Then once the room was on fire, and everything was burning to pieces, she transformed back into a human being. She then proceeded to extinguish the fire, change the sheets and towels, clean the bathroom, the whole nine yards. After 20 minutes, the room was polished, clean and looked brand new. She stepped back and admired her work. For the room was pristine and appeared picture perfect.

She smiled cheerfully and resumed the rest of her day.

The End

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