The King's Royal Taster by Mac Huxley


The King’s Royal Taster by Maccabee Huxley

There once lived a king who had a most trusted, royal food taster. The food taster would always test out all the delectable foods presented to the king before the king would eat it, to ensure it wasn't poisoned.

He enjoyed living in the kingdom and all the pleasures that came with it. He also took great delight in indulging in foods that weren't afforded to any of the common folk.

One day he ate some chicken and said "It's raw!" *Gordon Ramsay voice* and died.

The king then hired a new food taster, but this new food taster enjoyed the food too much. Instead of taking one bite, he ate the whole plate of food. The king was obviously not pleased by this, so he had this food taster executed.

The king hired another food taster. This food taster was petrified, as he feared that each dish would be poisoned. He lived in a constant state of fear and anxiety. One day he ate a bowl of stew. Everything seemed fine, but then a few days passed and both he and the king died due to a slow acting poison.

The End

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