The Mountainside by Mac Huxley


The Mountainside by Maccabee Huxley

A boy opens a door, such an imaginative door, full of different shades of green and ivory white roses. It was wooden and heavy, the boy has a tad bit of trouble opening it. He leans his shoulder into the door hoping to move it with his body weight, and the door begins to nudge backwards. Then the door gives out completely, nearly weightless and the boy falls forward and onto the ground. The boy tumbles down a mountainside with green grass that seems endless. He cannot stop his fall, falling and falling, tumbling and tumbling at rapid speeds. The boy panicked, looks for anything to grab in that brief second of being able to see without being completely turned around again. He reaches out in desperation and a hand grabs him.

The hand rescues him from his distress of not knowing when the tumbling would end. The hand was a lavender color, the coat was of black and white stripe and the face was pale white. The being had a curved devilish grin that seemed like something out of a cartoon. The grin caused the boy to feel uncertain about this being but as soon as he locked eyes with the being he was trapped. He was caught up in a trance, the eyes played hypnotic images of all of the boy's worldly desires, that boy sat their mesmerized.

As the boy sat there staring into the spellbounding eyes of the fiendish face, magical things began occurring all around him. Beautiful flowers blooming, majestic creatures of all shapes, sizes, and color roaming all around. Glorious rainbows appearing, songbirds singing, trees sprouting. Water began emerging and flowing down the mountainside and meandering to a crystal clear pool that sparkled from the bright warm sun. The clouds smiled, and formed endless shapes. Fruit grew from the trees, vegetables sprouted from the ground. Life was happening all around, but the boy did not notice any of this, for he was still in his trance. He just sat there motionless in awe, staring into the eyes of the being. Occasionally the boy would reach for the being, but to no avail. His hands were too short and he would only ever capture the air in between him and the being.

All around the mountain, doors were emerging. Boys and girls came tumbling out the doors, descending down the mountain side, only to be saved by a devilish fiend with an intoxicating grin, and spell-bounding eyes. They all fell to the same fate as the young boy, caught in a trance. In awe of these images that were playing in the being's eyes, reaching continually at nothing and failing to see, that life was happening all around them.

The End