The Shopping Mall by Mac Huxley


The Shopping Mall by Maccabee Huxley


A girl is at a mall, it's crowded. She sees a man sitting on a bench about 20 feet away, staring at her. She immediately turns away, only to look back in about 5-7 seconds and she notices his gaze is still locked on her. She turns back around and re-enters the conversation being had by her friends.

Girl "Hey, do you guys see that creepy guy staring at me?"

Friend 1 "Oh yeah what the heck?"

Friend 2 "I'd stare at you too girl." they giggle

Girl "Thanks bitch, but seriously is he still staring?!"

Friends say "Yeah! Directly at you!"

Girl "Eew, gross! Guys what should I do?"

Friend 1 "Lets just walk over there and ask him what his deal is."

Friend 2 "Why can't we just walk away?"

Girl "Oh no we aren't going to move just because he can't keep his fucking dick in his pants."

Friend 1 "Mmmhmmm you tell him girl." with extreme amounts of sass

Girl  "I do not come to the mall dressed in my sports bra and yoga tights to be checked out like a piece of meat! I come for the sales, I come to see my friends, I come to spend my parents' money, and I come to get a fucking Auntie Anne's pretzel!"

Friend 1 "Preach bitch!" even more sassiness

Friend 2 "Yeah! Lets get him!"

They stroll over quickly. Girl takes lead and two friends stand slightly behind.

Girl "Hey dude! What's your problem!?"

Guy Startled "Oh hey! I'm sorry but did I do something? Confused and puzzled.

Girl "You wouldn't stop staring at me!"

Friend 1 "Yeah you creep!"

Friend 2 "Got any last words focker!"

Guy "Yeah I'm blind asshole!" Puts on thick black sunglasses, grabs cane and grabs his seeing eye dog's leash.

Girl blushes in embarrassment "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry sir, I didn't realize!"

Guy "You didn't see the cane?... or the dog with the vest that says, service dog?"

Girl "I guess I didn't notice?" ashamed.

Friend 1 "Unbelievable." Shakes her head with disapproval of the girl's actions, while her arms are crossed in displeasure.

Friend 2 "You know Becca, you really are a bitch sometimes."

Friend 1 "Yeah fuck you Becca!"

Stranger stands up and waves fist in the air "Yeah fuck you Becca!"

Girl "Friends! Blind guy!...and random stranger....I'm really, really, really, like sorry... I just didn't know."

Guy "Well next time try not to think the worst....Not all guys are creeps."

Girl points to the guy sitting next to the blind guy "What about that guy, he's watching porn!"

Guy watching porn "Hey! I watch this for research purposes. I'm a scientist!" Puts on his lab coat and grabs his chemistry set and walks away annoyed.

Friend 1 "A second time....really Becca!"

Friend 2 "Becca just go home, hey Friend 1 want to go get an Auntie Anne's Pretzel?"

Friend 1 "Girl you know I do" They walk off and after a few steps they turn around in unison to flip off Becca and then turn back around with their arms around each other.

Girl (Becca) sad but then shrugs her shoulders and says to herself  "Well....since I'm already here.... I might as well see if Victoria Secret is having a sale."

The End