The Sperm Cell by Mac Huxley


The Sperm Cell by Maccabee Huxley

There once was a sperm cell. He was so fast and ultra quick that he was given the nickname, The Flash. He loved his mitochondria, they were practically his children. He was anxiously anticipating the race to show off his speed to his mitochondria and to the other sperm cells. Finally the race began. The fast sperm cell blew away the competition and reached the egg first. He then was greeted by a doorman.

"HALT!!!!" Said the doorman. "You sir! Shall not enter this egg until you dispense of all of your mitochondria."

The sperm cell was in shock, "What!? Why? I love my mitochondria."

The doorman replied, "This egg is already at max capacity when it comes to mitochondria. Sorry, I don't make the rules, the fire marshal does. Anymore mitochondria in this egg and it will soon become a fire hazard, and we would get fined and penalized. Nope! Not going to happen on my watch. You have 5 seconds to say goodbye to your mitochondria and then you are allowed to enter this egg. Otherwise scram!"

The sperm cell said, "Well, okay then.... goodbye mitochondria. I will write to you!"

The mitochondria were in tears and in a state of melancholy when they learned of their forced departure. "Where shall we go?" They shouted in unison.

The sperm cell replied, "I don't know, Hawaii?" Then he swam into the egg.

The mitochondria then took a trip to Hawaii and said "Aloha, mahalo bros, a pirate's life for me. Let's catch some waves and eat some spam musubi. Cheyah!" They lived happily ever after on the island of Oahu, surfing and eating spam musubi.

The End.

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