Toadworth by Mac Huxley


Toadworth by Maccabee Huxley

Toadworth was a toad who had tattoos. He said that tattoos made him tough and cool. So he began to tattoo his body from head to toe. Eventually he ran out of space on his body so he began to tattoo his face.

He then felt the urge to drink cough syrup and rap. He then became a clout rapper and had a following on Soundcloud. He was then asked to perform at a music festival, which he was ecstatic about. He hired a DJ. He asked the DJ to play his music while he stood there with a microphone and would occasionally tell the audience to "Put their fucking hands up." Furthermore, he planned on sporadically rapping a few words, never the entire song, even though his songs were only two minutes of length.

He toured around the country doing the same thing at every event. He was drinking cough syrup as if it were water and started a new habit of popping Xanax pills, as if they were breath mints. The combination was lethal, but it made Toadworth feel at ease. Plus, each time he filmed himself on Social Media consuming large amounts of cough syrup and Xanax pills, his clout rose. 

People on social media were mentioning him nonstop, he even became a trending hashtag. He continued to do this deadly deed whenever he felt insecure and wanted to get attention from strangers.

One day, he overdosed and died. People on social media said, "Wow this is sad." They did one last trending hashtag for Toadworth on that day he died. Then, by the end of the week, people completely forgot about Toadworth.

The End

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