Yelp Review # 5 - Haute Cakes Caffe (Brunch) in Newport Beach, CA

I was smelling colors and seeing sounds!!
— Frank Yslas

Yelp Review # 5 - Haute Cakes Caffe (Brunch) in Newport Beach, CA

My friend text me saying, "Hey! I know this brunch spot that is sooo good! Lets go! Trust me, you will love it." I replied, "All you had to do was say the word brunch and I'm there!" (Fun Fact: Brunch is all they eat in heaven.)

We arrived on a Sunday at 12pm, and the place was bumping. People I began to think, "wow, this place must be good if it's this packed..." I also began to wonder, if it was so packed because Drake  was in the building...Turns out Drake wasn't there :(

Decor & Atmosphere: 4 out of 5
The typical hipster layout, combined with an outdoor courtyard, made for a chill atmosphere. Even though the cafe was busy and loud, you could hear the birds chirping...and for some reason, when birds are chirping, things just always seem to be so much more peaceful. The birds were dispersed throughout the courtyard, chirping to the latest Ed Sheeran song, while doing dishes and laundry like if they just stepped out of the Disney animated film, Snow White. 

P.S. I love that the restaurant has water jugs and cups openly available inside and outside, so guests can refill their drinks with ease.  

Seating: 5 out of 5
They have indoor seating and a lot of outdoor seating which is tight. We chose an outdoor table because the weather was perfect. We managed to find an empty table and it was under some trees. The trees added to the ambience and contained bird nests and birds which was so rad. Only thing not rad, was the dirt and fragments of foliage that fell gracefully from the tree, finding its way onto my food and water. Some of the fragmented leaves looked completely similar to the spices used in my dish, so I just ate it. I just assumed it would add more flavor and dimension to the which it did. Magnifico!

Customer Service: 5 out of 5
All the employees were friendly and helpful. No complaints.

Menu: 5 out of 5
The menu is the perfect size, just front and back. It is the type of menu that has enough enticing choices, where it has you overestimating how hungry you actually are and you contemplate on whether or not you should just order multiple dishes, thinking you will somehow finish it all Man vs Food style....or you start analyzing all the ingredients seeing if it will still taste good later, or if it will hold up for lunch the next day. 

It also did not have too many choices where it overwhelms you and you start to believe that the restaurant is just a glorified Costco front that has a seemingly endless amount of meals they can produce.

Food: 5 out of 5

Corn Meal Blueberry Pancakes:
My friend ordered these and they have the option of 2 or 4 cakes. This was on the specials menu, so not sure if they always have this option... but if they do and if you love pancakes, you got to try these. Especially if you love cornbread! Just imagine cornbread in a pancake form...I know what you're thinking, that is almost too good to be true!

The pancake was cooked to perfection. The inside of the pancake was moist and fluffy. The outer edges of the pancake had a nice toasted surface. The corn meal added to the experience by providing texture and crunch to every single bite. The blueberries provided a subtle tart and sweetness to the dish....Lastly, acting as the cherry on top, was the melted butter and maple syrup...All these elements combined, created a whole new level of deliciousness to a pancake that I didn't even know was possible.

Pierre Scramble:
I got the Pierre Scramble just because I am an omelette fiend. I always order an omelette type of dish at brunch and this one caught my attention because of the unique ingredients. Some of the ingredients included: caramelized onions, asparagus and ricotta cheese. The omelette was served with red potatoes that occasionally had a piece of yam attached to it. Almost like a Siamese Twin potato. It also came with two slices of delicious sourdough toast.

I doused my omelette in Tabasco and proceeded to put a hefty fork-load of it on top of my sourdough toast and locked myself in, for the rollercoaster of flavor I was about to be taken on. First bite equaled blast off! The taste shot me into another planet. A planet where my senses were on some next level kind of ish. I was smelling colors and seeing sounds!! 

Needless to say, the food was amazing. 

Drink: 3 out of 5
My friend got an iced coffee, it was okay. 

Value: 5 out of 5
This place exceeded my expectations. If you are in the mood for a nice Sunday brunch, I highly recommend you stop by. You will leave extremely happy. Your soul will thank you and your taste buds will forever love you.