Yelp Review # 2 - Byul Daepo - Star BBQ (Korean BBQ) in Garden Grove, CA

I had the full on meat sweats.
— Frank Yslas

Yelp Review # 2 - Byul Daepo - Star BBQ (Korean BBQ) in Garden Grove, CA.

An image of some delicious meats and some not so good side dishes at Byul Daepo

An image of some delicious meats and some not so good side dishes at Byul Daepo



So, I went here with my friend because we were craving KBBQ. We were told that this place is the spot to go if we want authentic Korean food. We pull up on a Friday evening and it is in a shopping center where all the building signs are written in signs of English anywhere....we knew we were about to get some litty KBBQ bruh. We walk right in and get seated very quickly. 

Ambience 1 out of 5

The first thing we noticed was how hot it was inside. It felt literally like a sauna, I was worried that if I turned my head to the left I would see some naked old dudes cracking jokes refusing to wrap a towel around their waist for reasons unknown. At one point I walked out to check the sign to make sure I walked into the right spot. I started to think that this place didn't even use stoves because the temperature of the building was so hot. It would have flashed cooked even the rawest of meats. Heat Mizer was in the back composing a new song for his Christmas special. By the end of the meal I actually lost weight because I lost about 7.8lbs of water.

Food 4 out of 5

Anyways like most KBBQ spots, this is all you can eat. The deal itself is great. Pretty sure it was only $15 and boy did we do damage. We got brisket, all types of chicken, pork, and even octopus. We tried every meat that we were allowed to try. I had the full on meat sweats. Luckily I was prepared and brought my own towel so I could wipe off the sweat and get right back to the meal. I would recommend passing on the sides because the sides were pretty wack. They had a side called cheesy was as if they ran out of ideas on sides and just had some left over ingredients. It was literally just canned corn with some bagged shredded cheese melted on top. They also had this soup that had the smell of an algae covered, man-made, cozy, neighborhood lake, that has been baking in the hot sun all day. Needless to say, it tasted as great as it smelt....not good. 


Customer Service 3 out of 5

The service wasn't impressive but was not poor either. Kind of like any of those Marvel superhero movies that you are just like, "ehhh it was aight, you should just wait until it comes to Redbox or Netflix...or maybe go on $5 movie night if you are bored."

Dessert 1 out of 5

Lastly you get ice cream with your meal, except this place is so goofy, instead of just having basic flavors like vanilla & chocolate, they had mango peach, and dragon fruit lemon. I live life dangerously so I swirled that ish. I tried to relive my childhood, when you would just get every single soda from the dispensers and put it in one cup.... hoping you would make some sort of delicious concoction but instead it just tasted awful and you sat there wondering where you went begin doing math equations in your head as if you are Rain man, trying to find out the precise measurements needed to make the next Coca Cola. Anyways, my point is the swirl didn't do it any justice, the ice cream/sorbet was not a tropical sensation, instead it was more like gut rot on a stale sugar cone. 

Overall I would recommend this place for the KBBQ. The meats were delicious, and they offer a wide variety of different flavors. The price is great! If you are balling on a budget, you will definitely get your money's worth.